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Real knife fight training.

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this video is just to give you an idea of what a knife stabbing is basically like, what happens, how the attacker acts and responds. especially the weapon concealed part, he didn't even know which hand the attacker was going to use or what angle it was coming from. this video shows the attacker smaller than you. no fancy movements here. this is not an instructional video.please note that going to the ground in a fight is not advisable, but as you can see in this video sometimes your reaction is just that, my advice to that is either don't go to the ground or even if the circumstances force you to do that, just get up as quickly as you can and escape. there was no fancy disarm, the knife just dropped, this video was not choreographed neither pre-planned, they both were just acting on instincts, that's why he stabbed his attacker in the end, which is also a big not. unless you have no option but to injure or kill your attacker, you just escape the scene and go to the police and report the incident. another thing, in a street fight, don't expect to get out without a single scratch, no, you will be injured, so the best thing, is not to get into a fight, no matter what, only fight when there is no alternative left, as a last resort, but when you attack, make sure that you attack first, because if the attacker attacks first, you won't have a chance to do anything after that. remember, even with all the training, it's going to be very difficult to fight and get out of there, as there is also a possibility of multiple opponents and other elements.alright, thanks for watching, i hope you like the video, if you don't then i'm sorry. 'k, feel free to comment, just take it easy on the insults though. sorry for the bad quality, it was shot with a nokia phone.

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