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Double sticks Heaven 6

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Just a double sticks heaven 6. I have done it slowly at some point. It's not perfect though. The targets in heaven 6 are: head and shoulders, but you can strike to the side ribs and if the opponent's arms are down you can strike there(right below the deltoid muscle or at the forearm and upperarm joint/elbow), legs, side of the knees or thighs or even a little above, like on the hips or if you get a chance you can even strike the floating ribs. i'm doing heaven 6 even when i'm hitting low, although you might notice there is are a few strikes in the slow form where the stick is pointing down, well, it's not completely down, it just looks that way, it's actually pointed towards the front and the strikes are going side to side and not down to up like in Heaven and Earth. i'll also be posting on heaven & earth.the gray stick i'm using in my right hand is made of iron and it's about 2lbs, so the movements there are sloppy. i'm used to it in fast movements, but the slow ones are little harder to do.I hope it's of some use to you. Sorry about the quality, it's shot with a nokia phone.

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