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Double handed stick strikes

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Single stick with double hand grip. These techniques are useful in long, mid and close ranges, and not just the long range. Even a little bit of footwork can help, just "dig in" to your opponent while you're striking and be aggressive while you strike, in this video i'm not being aggressive nor am i digging in much, because there's no one to hit and nothing to dig into. of course the more you practice, the better you'll get at it. I hope you find this video useful.oh! and the target points here are as follows:1-temple/jaw/face-both sides.2-thrust to the chin/throat.3-strikes to anywhere on the upper body or head.4-then again to the temple followed by an uppercut kind of thrust to the chin.5-then front thrust with the mid part of the stick to the throat or face.6-repeat of no.17-and a lower body/groin strike.8-repeat of no.19-and a head strike or if he's at a distance you might hit his face with the edge of the stick.10-repeat of no.911-repeat of no.5 then no.1.12-followed by kind of an overhead swing, it will hit either to the head, or face, or if it's a slanting strike, to the collar bone or even neck(if the position of your opponent is appropriate).13-front thrust to the throat/chin/face.14-then again like no.15, but other side.(remember this kind of strike can be done straight or slanting in up to down direction).15-then a thrust to the chin, throat, or face,(but it might not connect fully to the face, just a graze possibly).16-then repeat of no.1.17-then repeat of no.2.

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