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Striking Combinations

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This video is for my friend, an honest to the point realistic instructor, a US Marine and i'm truly honored to know you, youtube username; MrAaronch.Thank you so very much Aaron for sharing your invaluable knowledge with me. For that i'm eternally grateful to you :)Video Info: This video shows striking along with some combos.i got some free time today, so i thought i'd upload a new video as i haven't uploaded anything for quite a long time.i'm quite tired from a long hard day and almost half asleep in this video, so please excuse any "lame" movements.Even if i was fully awake and active, i wouldn't make the movements "perfect" i'd make them instinctive, effective and most of all damaging to my attacker. Striking in real life looks very similar to that, and you have to train realistically to fight realistically. real fights and real violent situations are messy, the strikes are messy, but if you're "in the line of fire" you will get hurt, and it could even prove fatal for the receiver.The combos here include strikes like, the edge of hand, the chin jab, tiger claw, elbow, cup hand strike and a few more i can't remember as i did them instinctively, as you should do in your training.These are just combos, for training purposes and to improve your co-ordination, please know that these exact combos might not work in a real fight, as you will have to take into account (among many other things) the opponent's movement when the strike lands, or doesn't land.for example; if you do land the edge of hand on the side of his neck, he might move back/side/both or just fall down knocked out or dead (depending on the opponent and on you different people have different amount of tolerance as to how much physical and/or psychological punishment they can take or inflict), in that case you might not need to or won't be able to use one of the strikes showed in the video or might need to use more than what's showed in the video and improvise, so you'll have to use a bit of common sense, presence of mind is really important, including situational awareness and alertness of your opponent/s.just run if you see an opening or if not, as i said, you'll have to improvise and do something fast based on the situation you're in.Target Points- neck, throat, groin, base/ridge of the nose, eyes, chin (you can also strike any other vulnerable point that is available to you during the confrontation).Thanks for watching :)*Note* This is not an instructional video.Beginners please do not try and attempt the strikes recklessly or without a trained expert present.I'm not responsible for any misuse of the info given in this video and description.

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