One-on-One Coaching.

Please call- 8452025690.

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Open only to experienced people. send in your experience to

This is not a "fast-track" Certification. You will train in and practice and understand every aspect of violence and self protection to get certified.

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Women's self defense course now available.

Women's instructor certification course also available.

contact- or call-022-66714270.

SD Course open only to female applicants.
Women's Instructor Certification open to all.
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Check out the new blog for tips on street fighting and self defense.

Read the site info section to know more about me, about JKD, Self Defense, Street Fighting and the type of training you'll receive.
Views: 1091 | Added by: ash | Date: 2012-12-20 watch our training videos on street fighting. more will be added soon through youtube.
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At your office, school, etc. call at 66714270.
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email- , call-66714270 or visit personally, comments will not be responded to. Thankyou.
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please visit the other sites and get back to me with your feed backs and opinions on them and which one do you like better?
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and gain access to the member's section, where you can find important fitness tips, fighting techniques, basic fighting drills etc.
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Call 66714270 or 8452025690 for updated fees, timings and courses, etc. Thank you.


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